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  1. No. Clinical sites and investigators are free to join our network and retain full control over which studies, if any, are initiated at their site. Manufacturers are free to consider our recommended sites and pay only when they and the clinical site agree to move forward on the study together.

  2. At the moment, yes. The introduction of new medical device legislation (the MDR) means that there is currently an acute need for manufacturers to conduct medical device Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) studies. Our aim is to meet that need and ensure manufacturers can conduct the research they require while hospitals can gain from experience, prestige and industry partnerships through active research participation.

  3. You can - although, in many cases, this can be a slow, expensive and inefficient process. Not all clinical sites are aware of medical device PMCF and, compared to RCTs, participation can be seen as unattractive. Our database of approved clinical sites understand the need for medical device PMCF are are excited, motivated and ready to participate. All they need is the right manufacturer with the right study.

  4. Active participation in clinical research is great for professional development and enables clinicians and healthcare professionals to contribute directly to the promotion of medical device safety. Study participation will be compliantly remunerated and, because PMCF studies often run long-term, this can enable expansion of on-site research departments and provision of dedicated research staff.

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